API Integration

At masterclass Solutions we are well-versed with application program interfaces (APIs), a tool that make it possible to manage software applications. While invisible to end users, APIs are essential for communication between programs. Social media networking giants Facebook and Twitter are just a couple of companies that have made good use of open or public APIs. Basically, an open API is one in which an organization publishes its software to be shared freely. A startup, for example, may want to open its API, as doing so encourages third parties to use its software.

Core API Development Services

API for mobile Aplications

Mobile Apps are being developed almost every day due to the increased usage of mobile phones and smartphones. We can develop APIs for your mobile apps helping you to keep a check on the data usage, pay utility bills, and maintain account balance

API for web based services

Acting as an interface for the web server as well as the web browser, a web API is a framework that is used for developing HTTP services, which are required in browsers, mobile devices and tablets. Device compatibility can be achieved using web APIs.

API for the cloud

Cloud APIs enable software to request data from services through a direct or indirect, vendor-specific or cross-platform interface. Developers and administrators use cloud-based APIs to integrate applications into the cloud.

Data Migration

We automate data exchange between systems using APIs. Transfer data from API to your local database for analyzing and processing.

API's we've worked with

Google Maps APIs lets developers embed Google Maps on webpages using a JavaScript or Flash interface. The Google Maps API is designed to work on mobile devices and desktop browsers.
Google’s APIs lets developers integrate YouTube videos and functionality into websites or applications. YouTube APIs include the YouTube Analytics API, YouTube Data API, YouTube Live Streaming API, YouTube Player APIs and others.
The Flickr API is used by developers to access the Flick photo sharing community data. The Flickr API consists of a set of callable methods, and some API endpoints.
Twitter offers two APIs. The REST API allows developers to access core twitter data and the Search API provides methods for developers to interact with Twitter Search and trep]nds data.
Amazon’s Product Advertising API gives developers access to Amazon’s product selection and discovery functionality to advertise Amazon products to monetize a website.
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